Advice for: Growing organic vegetables, fruit and herbs in polytunnels and raised beds. Wildlife-friendly gardening that helps to preserve biodiversity. Keeping back-garden organic poultry. Cooking organic, seasonal, healthy and fermented 'real food' recipes.
In addition to advice here - I write a monthly column in The Irish Garden magazine and you can follow my daily Twitter tips - @nickykylegarden - which you can access by using the Twitter window below here. 

Instead of our regular 'From Tunnel to Table' which we can't record due to the restrictions of the current Pandemic - on Wednesday, July 1st at 3.10pm we're starting a new monthly feature, where I'll be talking to Gerry Kelly on The Late Lunch Show, LMFM Radio, about what we can sow this month in order to grow some of our own food. Gerry is calling it "Nicky Kyle - So(w) What?" - (I love his sense of humour!!) "

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